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  1. Create a Living Legacy: Plant an Oak
  2. A Magnificent Moth
  3. A Visit to Barb’s Backyard
  4. Raising Monarchs
  5. Marvelous Migrating Monarchs Need Our Help
  6. Fall: Time for Planting Trees and Shrubs
  7. A Common Redpoll in my Sweet Gum Tree
  8. Hummingbirds Wintering in Pennsylvania!
  9. Monarchs: A Call to Action
  10. Prime Plants for Nature: Backyards for Nature’s 2013 Native Plant Awards
  11. An Update: Milkweeds for Monarchs Initiative
  12. Keeping a Yard Bird List
  13. Lightning Bugs: Nighttime Marvels
  14. Moth Night
  15. Native Berries for Fall Migrants
  16. Brown Gold: The Gift of Fall Leaves
  17. Resolutions to Bring Nature to Your Yard in 2014
  18. Pollinators Need Our Help!
  19. Milkweeds for Monarchs – 2014
  20. Prime Plants for Nature: Backyards for Nature 2014 Native Plant Awards

  21. Let’s Celebrate National Pollinator Week: June 16 – 22, 2014

  22. Looking for Nests
  23. National Moth Week:  Why?  What Good are Moths?
  24. New Books on Gardening for Nature
  25. Want More Native Plants?  Learn to Transplant
  26. Chickadees in Winter
  27. Bats in Peril
  28. Prime Plants for Nature:  Backyards for Nature 2015 Native Plant Awards
  29. Edie’s Garden: A Place to Discover Nature
  30. Remembering Nature Discovery Day
  31. The Allure of Backyard Birds
  32. Prime Plants for Nature:  Backyards for Nature 2016 Native Plant Awards
  33. Native Groundcovers
  34. Summer Magic in Barb’s Yard
  35. Prime Plants for Nature:  Backyards for Nature 2017 Native Plant Awards 
  36. Pollinators Come to a Tiny Urban Yard
  37. Polyphemus Moths Live Near Me

  38. Prime Plants for Nature:  Backyards for Nature 2018 Prime Plant Awards
  39. Native Vines for Beauty and Wildlife Value
  40. Fall is for Gardening 
  41. Welcome Nesting Birds!
  42. Plants for Nature:  Backyards for Nature 2019 Native Plant Awards
  43. A Caterpillar-Raising Extravaganza!
  44. Plants for Nature:  Backyards for Nature 2020 Native Plant Awards
  45. Appreciate and Help Nature: Two New Books
  46. Prime Plants for Nature: Backyards for Nature 2021 Native Plant Awards
  47. Knowing the White-throated Sparrow

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    • Lynne, thanks very much. I’m glad you enjoyed it and hope your grandson will, too! These caterpillars and their adult moths are fascinating and beautiful creatures.

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